The 2015 Annual Davis Outreach Award was presented to the Crystal Lake Interfaith Food Pantry recognizing the contributions of Peggy Kupitz (VP and Board Member for 13 years), Ardelle Legel ( 25years FCC Representative), Melanie Loerzel (current FCC Representative) as well as the many volunteers of First Congregational Church at the  Outreach Fair on March 8.

The award was accompanied by a donation of $250 to the Crystal Lake Food Pnatry and hand-woven scarves by women o the Guatemala Mayaworks program, which was supported by Terry & Bob Davis.

First Congregational Church was one of the original founding churches for the Crystal Lake Food Pantry more than 30 years ago in 1982.  It continues to be a major Outreach initiative providing nourishment and hope for those most in need in our local community.  




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