Alleluia Sound and Good Vibrations 2015 Tour



The 2015 Annual Davis Outreach Award was presented to the Crystal Lake Interfaith Food Pantry recognizing the contributions of Peggy Kupitz (VP and Board Member for 13 years), Ardelle Legel ( 25years FCC Representative), Melanie Loerzel (current FCC Representative) as well as the many volunteers of First Congregational Church at the  Outreach Fair on March 8.

The award was accompanied by a donation of $250 to the Crystal Lake Food Pnatry and hand-woven scarves by women o the Guatemala Mayaworks program, which was supported by Terry & Bob Davis.

First Congregational Church was one of the original founding churches for the Crystal Lake Food Pantry more than 30 years ago in 1982.  It continues to be a major Outreach initiative providing nourishment and hope for those most in need in our local community.