On Sunday, June 13, 2021, Mrs. Urcille Brown was honored by The Church of the Good Shepherd for her decades of work and stewardship. She was the Honoree at their annual Spring Tea which has been a tradition for almost 90 years at the church. This year, Mrs. Brown was instrumental in a church fund drive which received more than $45,000 in contributions. In her words to the church she urged them to never “drag” and to always say “yes” whenever the church called. In her own words “I have seen joyful days and sorrowful days, but everyday God has guided me through. And as I look back upon my life, I realize just how God’s mysterious ways, gave me a church home to love and cherish. The Church became the center of my life, providing me a place to live out my spirituality through worship, fellowship, mission and ministry.” (pictured above is Mrs. Urcille Brown 106 years young and The Rev. Jesse Knox III)